Sunday, 8 December 2013

This week in pictures

This week has been a really easy going. I'm fully into the Christmas spirit at the moment so I've been making more decorations for my tree and I've also had a go at making my own scented soy wax candles.  I also managed to fit in a visit to Ernest for a big breckie!

 photo f4c0773c-6d7a-4762-86d0-dae3b1ee767d.jpg
Ernest Breakfast
 photo b980f235-2753-4260-9ee5-56cc926a2ef5.jpg
Making Christmas Decorations
 photo a14ee4ec-04d7-4dc3-9c77-d889873ec944.jpg
Easy Dinners
 photo d5af5528-17ae-43a0-a797-08ac26fab5d4.jpg
Snacky teas
 photo 1e7bab9a-1442-4e8c-8a00-10e4f46a67a1.jpg
Candle Making

Bryden x