Sunday, 18 August 2013

Mini Living Room Makeover

I recently decided to give my living room a mini makeover. I was sick of the drab furniture that came with that flat so I bought a few items to brighten up the place. Imagine this shot with no ornaments, no rug, no coffee table and no flowers. The place was pretty depressing. It's not a drastic change but it has made me feel loads better about the place. There's a lot of work left to do.
 photo 2823b701-48be-49f0-ab5f-1a4c1d6eb7e6_zps10ecc018.jpg
I picked up this hydrangea from Lidl. I love hydrangeas! They're supposed to be kept outside but I've been alternating between keeping it inside and outside. There's been a few downpours recently and I really don't want it to drown!

The rug is from Ikea and was only £55. It's one of the nicest cheapest rugs I've seen. Some of them are ridiculously expensive and way out of my budget. You can get cushions to match too so I'm saving up for these at the moment. 

Our coffee table was a found item. It's alright for a freebie! You can tell from its appearance that it had been outside for quite a while but I like its weathered look. But, I think it looks much better than a plain pine table would. 

I have used jars as 'ornaments'. This might be a little controversial but I like the way they look and I like to pop tea lights in these on a night time. I spray painted a few of the jars and popped them on top of the fireplace too along with my shoddy jar I painted with some glass paints. My candles on the coffee table are from Primark were really cheap. The owl tea pot (charity shop) and tea cup candle (etsy) are things I've had for a while. 

It's not perfect by any means but the place is so much brighter then it was. I can't wait to have my own home so I can decorate it entirely myself. 

Bryden x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Redhouse, Newcastle.

Steven and I have been to The Redhouse twice now. The first time we went we decided to go on a Wednesday where the meals are two for £10. This is a great deal and leaves some spare cash for a cheeky shared pudding afterwards.

 photo abf69b38-7e9f-4a30-8cd3-f090b0d82b05_zps0bb3d8c5.jpg
Mince Pie, Mustard Mash, Meat Gravy and Mushy Peas.

Between us we have tried 4 of the pie varieties now. Steven has tried and chicken and gammon and the steak pies and his favourite of the two was the chicken. I have tried the mince and the sausage, onion and apple pies. I can't choose a favourite as I loved them both equally.

If you haven't been to Redhouse before the concept is quite easy to follow:
  • Choose a pie - Steak, Mince, Chicken, Sausage, Cheddar/Potato/Onion, Sweet Potato/Goats Cheese/Spicy Tomato or Spiced Mutton and Apricot.
  • Choose a mash - Creamy, Mustard or Cheddar.
  • Choose your peas - Mushy, Minted or Pease pudding.
  • Choose your gravy - Meat, Red Wine or Parsley Liquor.
With loads of combinations to be made you're bound to be able to find something you will love.

 photo 492e11ed-14ca-4db5-bb13-37102b90053c_zpsa79cf8f8.jpg
Chilli Vinegar.

We were excited to find chilli vinegar on the tables. This was new to me but I gathered this was to be used on their pies so I doused my pie in chilli vinegar. I am so glad I did. This stuff is amazing! Who would have thought pie + gravy + chilli vinegar would be so delicious! I found myself adding more and more. I am currently trying to replicate this at home by steeping some dried chilli's in some malt vinegar. 

 photo d917ea3d-d29e-4f6e-9f6d-533081ae735f_zps096b2ce5.jpg
Apple Crumble with an Oaty Topping
The pudding we had was pretty good too. After ordering this though we noticed the couple after us were eating a lovely slice of cheesecake which wasn't on the menu so it might be a good idea to ask at the bar if there are any other puddings available. We noticed they sometimes have pudding pies from the Pet Lamb girls to offer but they didn't have any available when we visited.

 photo 273c561c-69ca-4162-857b-7b158e8fc80a_zps723e635e.jpg
Back - Steak Pie, Mustard Mash, Minted Peas and Meat Gravy.
Front - Sausage Pie, Mustard Mash, Pease Pudding and Meat Gravy.

Notice the Chilli Vinegar lurking at the side there...

If I had to give this place a score I would give them a 10/10. I can't fault the place! You can even 'double up' on your pie if you're particularly hungry!

After writing this I am absolutely dying for a pie now. I think it's time to try and convince Steven we should go next week...

Bryden x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mobile Montage - July


 photo ca1cc185-16ba-4c2d-a8c1-137b4b9317d6_zps75220fba.jpg

1. Claire and I on our way to the Stag do.
2. Stag do - Group shot.
3. My friend Ami and I.
4. Let's Buy Happiness.
5. Grumpy Cat.
6. Sushi.
7. My Parent's fruit trees.
8. The garden so nice she posted it twice..
9. Playing with my Dad's coffee machine.

Bryden x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

July Favourites

Hello Everyone!
Claire's still sorting her house stuff out at the moment so it's just a monthly favourites from myself again this month.

 photo 644bc92c-edb4-4f81-b8f8-216148d7cfbe_zpsd26e2e7a.jpg
Top - Left - Aldi Lacura Aqua Complete Multi Intensive Serum.  Right - Tresemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex.
Bottom - Left - Mac Blush in Melba. Right - Maybellie Eye Studio Mono in Silken Taupe.

Tresemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex
Another month... another hair oil... 

I always use a hair oil when drying my hair and this has been the one I've been reaching for this month. I got this on a 3 for £10 offer at Asda so it's great value for money. Works just as good as the more expensive oils I've tried. I really rely on these products to keep the split ends at bay.

Lacura at Aldi Aqua Complete Multi Intensive Serum
I originally tried my mam's hyaluronic acid serum which she got from Aldi which is absolutely amazing. It has really improved her skin. It showed visible results in 1 month which I was really impressed with! Unfortunately I was unable to get some of this for myself but picked this serum up instead as it also contained hyaluronic acid. This serum is only £3.99 and boasts an incredible ingredients list. It contains hyaluronic acid and amino acid complex, glacier water and aloe vera. I've found it's great to use under my anti-shine moisturisers and really quenches the skin. My skin looks smoother and I've noticed its really evened out my skin tone. For the price you really can't go wrong.

Mac Blush in Melba
I've had this for a while, hence the really scruffy packaging! I've brought this back out to use as the weather has really heated up recently up north. It's really pigmented so I need to use a light hand with it. As I'm really pale it gives a lovely peach flush to the cheeks and I find it really warms my face up without having to use a bronzer. 

Maybelline Eye Studio Mono in 610 Silken Taupe
I remember buying this a few years ago to satisfy my craving to buy Mac Satin Taupe when my local Mac store didn't have this in stock. I've been wearing this most days for work. It's not the most pigmented eye shadow in the world but it just looks really pretty.

 photo 3a4901a3-6f60-420d-b43d-264608087c84_zps489f1488.jpg
Top Left - Mocha Crumble Starbucks and Krispy Kreme Lemon Drizzle Cake Donut. Right - Redhouse Pie.
Bottom - The Brandling, Gosforth. Reuben Burger.
Starbucks and Krispy Kreme in the garden
I bought a Groupon voucher for Starbucks so I've been enjoying using that lately. I usually get a frappacino coffee light but I decided to have a go at their new mocha cookie crumble frap. The Metro Centre Drive thru Starbucks is right next to Krispy Kreme so I decided to pick up a donut as well.

Redhouse, Newcastle Quayside
Steven and I tried the Redhouse pie eatery on the Quayside this month and it was awesome. We opted to go on a Wednesday where it is 2 for £10. 

The Brandling, Gosforth
The Brandling have a massive burger menu at the moment with loads of Man Vs Food style combinations. This one is the Reuben burger. I'd recommend this place to everyone who wants a big meal or to defeat a hangover.

 photo d516a283-63d1-46e7-a5e1-f604ee2916f2_zps61f9d064.jpg
Room with a View Sharing Starter - Garlic Prawns (in the pot), Sweet potato mini soups with clams, Smoked Haddock fish cakes, Potted Crab and Prawn and Cream Cheese Pate.
Room with a View, Aberdour
This is the restaurant we visited on our recent trip to Scotland. My Dad and I shared this sharing starter and it came beautifully presented in a picnic basket. Every thing was amazing! We were exited to hear that the chef who works there is also a fellow Geordie! I can't wait to go back to this restaurant.

Other Stuff
 photo 1c9cf52c-e311-4f13-932c-667d97760e09_zps60c53716.jpg
Claire - Ready for battle
 photo f2131cf7-5b34-4b26-aa6a-4cc24f0ca324_zpsa5b574ee.jpg
Left - Looking like a Christmas reindeer with my stag shirt
Right - Getting ready for battle
This month we were kindly invited along to our own Stag do by Eclipse Leisure who specialise in organising Stag do's and activities. They wanted to see if Stag activities would be enjoyed by girls on hen nights so we were invited, along with some other bloggers including our friend Carla of Messy Carla, to test the water. 

We went paint balling and quad biking. After a few teething problems at first with the paint balling (we were originally put in a huge group with a bunch of IDIOTS who ended up getting chucked out of the venue) we started to have fun. Claire's competitive side reared it's head and she got really into it!

I liked the quad biking the best but Claire liked the paint balling. 

We decided that these activities would be good for hen nights but only in a small group of girls. We started to have the most fun when we had a few games of paint balling in our own group. 

Massive thanks to Eclipse Leisure for inviting us along. We probably wouldn't have ever considered doing these activities if it wasn't for them!

Next Month I'm looking forward to...

  • Going Camping - Steven and I are going camping instead of Leeds Festival this year (boo hoo). We're going to be camping in Keld which is near Darlington so it's not too far to travel. We're going with a big group of friends so it should be fun!
Hope you're all well, 

Bryden x