Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mobile Montage - January


 photo mosaicac33868abdbe85905c82ef75cedceab11ba61973_zps3429772f.jpg

1. First ever Instagram photo (food, obvz) - Booked my tickets for London next month - A healthy lunch
2. Fish pie before - Fish pie after - Mini treats - 
3. Snow apocolyse - Home made pizza - I have issues - 
4. I miss riding my bike :( - Sunday lunch - This salad made me its bitch 
5. GIANT Babybel! - Boy free zone on Tuesday nights - New old dress 
6. Sandwich dilemmas - New best friend (review coming soon) - Some light reading for my new job


 photo 54d557ec-7e06-40b6-bb4d-041f567e9020_zps56a04392.jpg

1. Mirror shots, Xmas Manicure, Temporary Engagement ring (haha!)
2. Jeffrey Campbell Padua's, Tapas, Ribs
3. Church, Cat Masks, Buffet Food
4. Cat Masks again, Sushi, Casetagram
5. Chinese, Sushi from Kingdom Buffet, Desserts from Kingdom Buffet
6. Snowy nights, My Face, Snow again
7. Malcolm, Berry Pavlova, Steak
8. Smoky Gingerbread Manhattan, Platters, Brooch
9. Mirror shots, Yankee Candle, JC Padua's
10. Laura Mercier Treats, Naked Palette, 9Bar Coffee Shop.

Claire and Bryden xx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Facts about us

You've probably all seen the 'Facts about me' posts that are doing the rounds on blogs at the moment. We thought we'd jump on the band wagon and share some little known (and sometimes embarrassing!) facts about us with you...

 photo 718_zps3897c99f.jpg

  • We didn't actually like each other when we first met, Bryden thought Claire was a bitch and Claire thought Bryden was annoying! How times have changed!
  • Our first major bonding experience as friends was a make up shopping trip (shocker!)
  • We lived together for 10 lovely months, filled with drunken nights out and hangover food feasts.

  •  photo 3c247555-a8a9-4736-ab5b-224188780bba_zps0462d803.jpg

  • We named this little blog after everyones favourite alcoholic beverage deal- treble spirit and a mixer for £1.99! Here's the sign that inspired it all...

 photo 649_zps3c34a6f4.jpg

  • Our treble and mixer of choice is vodka & diet coke, if you're buying.
  • We used to live on the street where Cheryl Cole grew up and used to try and spy her out of our window when she'd come home to visit her mam.
  • Sadly we no longer live together, but speak to each other everyday via text. Claire has renamed Whatsapp to 'Brydensapp'.
  • As well as our mutal love of make up we love food. We send each other photos of things we've eaten, pretty much on a daily basis (losers)
  • We call each other 'Little Legs' (Bryden) and 'Big Legs' (Claire) due to our vast difference in height.

  •  photo 505_zpsb7e816e6.jpg

  • After pretty much every drunken night out, when we lived together, we'd eat multiple McDonald's cheese burgers and fall asleep watching Pretty in Pink (on VHS, Bryden has issues  with DVD players). I don't think we've ever made it to the end.

  •  photo 596_zps862e9ca2.jpg

  • One time, Bryden recreated Michael Jackson's Earth Song video to cheer Claire up. It worked :)
  •  We got really obsessed with Mad Men for a few weeks in 2010. We got drunk one night and walked home through Byker shouting names of the characters. DON DRAPER!!!
  • Bryden LOVES disco music. We've spent many a night dancing to Earth, Wind and Fire in our local Wetherspoons.
  • We both love cheese burgers, but lasagne is Bryden's one true love. She loves it so much she'll eat it on a train, with chopsticks.

  •  photo 709_zps1ed3ba4a.jpg

  • Bryden has terrible taste in films and would inflict them upon Claire on a regular basis. Without a Paddle, anyone?
  • Bryden will never accept the fact Claire doesn't like pies and will always be puzzled by her love of cabbage.

  •  photo 595_zpsf32cfe95.jpg

  • We both used to be vegetarian. We both broke veg around the same time and haven't looked back.
  • Bryden is known as the 'Food Collector' and once tried to 'create a demand' for Warburton's Sandwich Thins, to keep them in production, by buying the whole shelf one day.. then returned the next day to clear the whole shelf again... She had so many she ended up having to store some in her Mam's freezer.
  • This video will always remind us of each other-

We hope you've enjoyed discovering what huge weirdos we are!

Bryden and Claire

P.S. Speaking about yourself in the third person is tough!

    Monday, 4 February 2013

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    A Blustery Day

    Just this weekend gone Steven and I decided brace ourselves and venture out in what felt like gale force winds to have a little look around our local charity shops and to have a wander down to the Ouseburn in Newcastle. I had spotted a coat in the window of one of the charity shops when I was travelling past on the bus so I was hoping for it to be still there - It was! YES! I also managed to find a few more other gems along the way too. 

     photo 3D29794E-990F-4870-A2C2-DFDE29DDCF32-996-000001034BA38756_zps6cd5f3e6.jpg
    Shoes x2 £2.99 each, Ben Sherman Shirt for Steven £4, M&S Jumper for Steven £2.50, St Michael orange t-shirt £2.50, A Littlewoods white jumper £3.00, A collection of free magazines I picked up at the local pub on the way home. I decided not to take individual photos of the clothes in this picture because they're all pretty plain and boring!

     photo 06289FE0-E645-4169-828A-BBC39B3EC542-996-00000103415110D1_zps8b2b786c.jpg
    Lampert of London Camel Wool Coat £7.95

     photo F4D7D93C-0BB4-473A-BC5D-7319ED71B672-996-000001033C288299_zpsf86a893e.jpg

     photo 446E01C5-5195-48A1-AF90-A0180AE1AD14-996-0000010348134434_zps0e718a52.jpg
    Black Bag £5.00, Dominoes £1.50, Small dish 20p

     photo 06C3B7F7-3DEA-47DC-8BFE-DAA2E20302C3-996-0000010359A54956_zps9fc5765a.jpg
    Brown Loafers £2.99

     photo d585d380-227f-44be-b7e6-62ac85d57988_zpsbad6efc8.jpg
    Navy St Michael Shoes £2.99

     photo 216875F6-1D08-4DB2-ACB6-64C5884BD940-996-0000010351B782C2_zpsde1f7545.jpg
    Milk Glass Vases £1.00 For The Pair

    After looking around the shops (and spending a small fortune) we wandered down the Ouseburn in Newcastle. This is an area just on the outskirts of Newcastle and holds a nice little collection of bars, practice rooms, the Seven Stories centre (The National Centre for children's books) and is home to the Ouseburn Coffee Company.

    We opted for dinner at the Cluny - a music venue, restaurant and bar. The Cluny offers a vast selection of beers, ales and spirits but we just settled for a couple of glasses of diet coke to wash own dinner down with. I chose one of their 'world famous burgers' with cheese and mushrooms. I'm not entirely sure if their burgers are actually world famous but after tasting one I definitely think they should be!! Soo juicy and 'fresh'? tasting... if a burger could ever be described as 'fresh'...

    We also got a lime salsa dip and a garlic mayonnaise to dip our chips into. Steven chose a steak ciabatta and chips.

     photo 69591FE6-C36A-45AD-9DF4-EFDA936006C3-996-000001036E9FEE33_zpscd3288f2.jpg

     photo 2D45D2E1-524F-4259-92D9-E9E981B66A9E-996-0000010366961EC3_zpse57c00f6.jpg
    With chips like my Nana used to make!

    After dinner we decided to take a very slow walk home (too full off dinner!) via the Free Trade pub which is also situated in the Ouseburn and boasts beautiful views of the River Tyne. Unfortunately, It was too windy for us to sit outside to enjoy these. I picked up a handful of the free magazines they had to offer (Turps, Narc and the Crack) and was very excited to see not one but three mentions of my friends in the magazines!

     photo 1D8EAC2F-77FB-45F3-9912-B210F073A68A-996-0000010374A2DFA4_zpsdba0399e.jpg
    Friends band - The Shake Appeal

     photo A80FBCB6-F612-4FEF-9526-54ACB1622499-996-000001037C83A47D_zps30947f7a.jpg
    My Best Friend Sarah's band - Let's Buy Happiness

     photo 355805E3-045D-43EB-8972-48E76E9D18AC-996-0000010383C34E28_zps4044e23f.jpg
    Cheeky little review from my mate Daz.

    All in all had a lovely day and should probably do these sort of day's a lot more often. It's really easy to get in a rut and I think we had been stuck in one for while since moving into our new flat. I really need to get my thinking cap on and think of new and exciting ideas for weekend adventures.  

    Bryden x

    Saturday, 2 February 2013

    January Favourites.

    Claire's favourites...

    1463_zpsff368ed4 photo 1463_zpsff368ed4.jpg

    Aussie Dual Personality Aussome Volume Mousse
    I picked this up as a third item as part of a 3 for 2 offer and I like it so much, I've ended up repurchasing it. Not like any other mousse I've used in the past, that has left my hair crispy and sticky, this leaves my hair soft and bouncy.

    The Body Shop Chocomania Soap
    Like my hatred of hair mousse has been changed this month, so has my dislike of soap. This little bar, exfoliates without drying my skin out. It's perfect for getting rid of dry winter skin and smells pretty good too.

    Models Own Pro Nail Varnish- Pinky Grey
    I'd been after this for a while and eventually tracked it down, only to find it had been reduced from £8 to £3.20 as it seems the range is being discontinued. It's a shame because it's a lovely colour, neutral but unusual.

    Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer- Luna
    These have been getting a lot of hype on beauty blogs at the moment. A nice little product for a high street brand, I've definitely got my eye on other colours in the range.

    VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcombing Spray
    I'm not a huge fan of dry shampoo, but this is a lot less powdery than other dry shampoo sprays out there and is brilliant at boosting my hairs volume throughout the day.


    1464_zps5bc794a3 photo 1464_zps5bc794a3.jpg

    I picked both of this months favourite buys during a 'woe is me' shopping session, I'm a big advocate of retail therapy. This lovely over sized Lux coat has originally been priced at £185 in Urban Outfitters, but had been reduced to a mere £40 in the sale.With a little bit of cheeky student discount on top of that, the price went down to the bargain sum of £36! An overall saving of £149!
    The boots were another absolute bargain. Like everyone and their grandma, last year, I had my eye on the Topshop Allegra boots. I spent too much time mulling over the £75 price tag and in the end missed the boat. I spotted these in a really cheap, tacky clothes shop in Newcastle the other day for £5, but they were brown. Nothing a box of shoe dye for £6 didn't solve.


    1458_zps49128c27 photo 1458_zps49128c27.jpg

    With Christmas, work and everything else, Bryden and I haven't had much time to fit in any hot dates lately to stuff our faces. We finally managed to squeeze in a rendezvous at the coastal town of Tynemouth; to browse the weekend market and try the food at Lola Jeans, which we'd heard good things about.

    Lola Jeans has a laid back kind of thing going on, serving a variety of dishes (using seasonal and local ingredients) alongside cocktails and other alcoholic drinks. What we were here for however, was two of our favourite words in the English language- 'burgers' and 'platters'.

    1460_zps16fda1f5 photo 1460_zps16fda1f5.jpg

    If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll know- Bryden and I, love us a good burger. Lola Jean's Gourmet Burger with cheese and homemade chorizo salsa (served with amazing triple cooked chips) did not disappoint. As well as sharing the burger we ordered the Steak Platter which came with piles of perfectly cooked steak, salad, pitta bread, dips and chutneys and more chips. They also offer cheese, seafood, chicken and bread platters. We're ordering one of everything next time.

    1459_zps42cfcd74 photo 1459_zps42cfcd74.jpg

    Other stuff

    gg_zps342457de photo gg_zps342457de.jpg

    This month has been a very sad and emotional month for me, sadly the inevitable happened- I came to the final Gossip Girl episode :( I hated GG to begin with, but I soon got addicted to the overdramatic lives of Blair, Chuck, Serena et all. It's all Bryden's fault for forcing the season one box set upon me when I was ill once (I HATE U!). So, now I'm lost without a regular dose of American teen drama. Does anyone have any suggestions to fill my GG void?

    Next month I'm looking forward to...

    • The weather hopefully improving a bit so I can start riding my poor, currently unloved bike again.
    • Spending a long weekend in London.

    Bryden's Favourites...

     photo 5a066ba3-422e-471f-ad1d-ef1f3f255bbd_zps8c6ad1ee.jpg
    1. Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter.  2. VO5 Give Me Texture Spray. 3. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Romantic. 4. Blink + Go Long Lasting Mascara
     photo fda8bed0-957a-4a52-b32c-26725d440f1b_zps69242f6d.jpg
    5. Hask Argan Oil (From Primark!!)6. Stylfile By Tom Pellereau
    7. No7 Define and Shimmer Pallette. 8. Urban Decay Naked Palette. 

    Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter.
    This stuff smells absolutely amazing! It's a good dupe for the Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache Body Cream which I managed to pick up quite cheaply in the January sales. The Nip + Fab one smells identical and its a fraction of the price. 

    VO5 Give Me Texture Spray. 
    I've been using this to give my hair a little bit more grip when I've been backcombing. Lately I've been experimenting with beehives and this stuff has helped a lot.

    Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Romantic. 
    This is something I've worn almost every day for work. Really easy to hoy on in the morning. When it wears off it leaves a lovely stain behind which I then just put my Jason lip balm on top until the end of the day.

    Blink + Go Long Lasting Mascara. 
    Got this in a beauty box about a year ago and just managed to open it now. It's absolutely amazing and I'll be buying more once this has gone.

    Hask Argan Oil (From Primark!!)
    This is an absolute bargain at £2.50. I've tried loads of different hair oils (Including Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil) and this is just as good. This is my second tube and I can see myself buying another after I've used this one too.

    Stylfile By Tom Pellereau
    The curved board on this really helps to shape nails. I've noticed you can buy mini versions of this so I think I'll be picking one up for my hand bag.

    No7 Define and Shimmer Pallette.
    Picked this up on ebay for around £3.00. I absolutely love the two darkest shades in this palette. The palette also offers great pigmentation which I was really surprised with! 

    Urban Decay Naked Palette
    I'm sure this cult product doesn't really need much of an explanation. It's brilliant. If you haven't got one already you should really consider picking one up. I got this in the beauty bay 'sale' (The word sale used lightly there as it was only like £2.00 off) and I've been using this more or less everyday. I don't think I've used my liquid eyeliner at all this month.


    The January sales had a lot to offer but these were my absolute favourites of what I bought. I'd had my beady eye on the Laura Mercier body care ranges for a while now since seeing them mentioned on the persian babes youtube channel and I was VERY excited to see them in the Space NK sale. I managed to pick up a tarte au citron candle, Creme De Pistache gift set and a Creme Brûlée gift set.

     photo 5d271d1a-26e4-4fd1-bfdd-578b67720fee_zps38d0e24f.jpg


    Fillet Steaks (Homemade)
    Celebration steaks with my parents for Steven and I's engagement (Steven proposed on New Years Day - No Ring to show you yet though!)The fillet steaks were just from our local Morrison's and they were lovely!

     photo 6039b1f9-8ea7-48d1-89e6-88d779ec7320_zps2f112bb6.jpg

    BBQ Ribs (Homemade)

    The meat just fell away from the bone when I went to cut it. They were soo tender!
     photo 90523374-a05b-4f86-80fa-a6021eb6e01e_zps899cef25.jpg

    Chinese with Claire at Hei Hei, Newcastle.
    This is the starter platter we had at Hei Hei for Newcastle restaurant week where we picked up a 4 course meal for only £15 per head. 
     photo 7099f6fe-17d8-45f9-8185-d2d9f6f98483_zps6863f020.jpg

    Next month I'm looking forward to...

    • Trying out some new recipes
    • Having a nice meal with Steven for Valentine's day (Bleurrrgh I know!!)
    Hope you like the new format of our favourites. I think the reason we haven't been able to commit to the favourite posts in the past is just simply because it was in a format that wasn't us. We're not just only fashion or make up. There's soo many other things that we love! We're both really into cooking as well so you can expect to see a lot of our own dishes on here too (If you want any recipes feel free to ask and we can post these).

    Let us know what you think.

    Bryden and Claire xx