Monday, 20 May 2013

Snap Snap! Newcastle Fashion Week

 photo 1D1CCEBA-1779-4EFA-B640-1F5BDACE6D6E-878-000000DDC95B4F8E_zps308be559.jpg photo B83E7425-0819-473F-8354-B57E7C386D4A-878-000000DDC50DD954_zpsf6607973.jpg photo 2EC0D675-6EDA-4777-BC30-03D08E861BC4-878-000000DDC478D5C7_zps1b36a611.jpg
 photo 70760D6C-2EEC-4287-81B8-CD9C28ED90B0-878-000000DDC3347D81_zps271a71b2.jpg photo C07AF293-B52D-4BFF-A9EE-70148D74D2E2-878-000000DDB055A523_zps76b26a5a.jpg photo 98CC460C-29B0-4D56-8DD0-CCFA426790AF-878-000000DDB202CE34_zps62d73054.jpg

Mobile Montage- April.


 photo mosaic471e59c0925095bb1eeae5278f25b407711c631f_zpsed49a96d.jpg
1. I seem to spend my entire life on trains.
2. Geordie pride.
3. Midnight BBQ.
4. Drunken Trebz & a Mixa!
5. We baked a cake, it was stressful!
6. Trying to be healthy...
7. It lasted half a day.
8. The best pizza in Newcastle.
9. Yep that's an entire box of alcohol.
10. New bed sheets = best thing ever.
11. Sunday stroll.
12. Moroccan chicken from the Quayside Market.


 photo mosaicc674eb2e29d926268b60fb74e6c573754c55f7c8_zps4f3dd9f0.jpg
1. Dad's homemade cider
2. Homemade pizza
3. Mams kitchen.  I love this table and chairs!
4. Wild broom
5. Salad days
6. Hangover juice
7. Papa John's buffalo chicken pizza
8. Egg white scramble
9. Buffet desserts
10. Homemade hummus
11. Nights out
12. Sinful colours varnishes

Hope you're all well,

Claire and Bryden x

Newcastle Fashion Week.

Newcastle fashion Week kicked off this weekend, amongst the first events was the fashion weekend held at Northumbria Student Union- a mix of shopping, demonstrations, make overs, (minor) celeb spotting and catwalk shows.

 photo may2013049_zps3d14786c.jpg
 photo may2013053_zps48c86b12.jpg
 photo may2013058_zps12ccab7b.jpg
 photo may2013059_zpsd1ca1395.jpg

We popped down to the event on Sunday and found a range of stalls from vintage to independent companies to high street stores such as Primark, Warehouse and Miss Selfridge. There was even food on offer, such as the delicious looking cakes by The French Oven.

 photo may2013093_zps5879e3f3.jpg
 photo may2013094_zps4940aa7b.jpg

While we were there we caught one of the catwalk shows which featured the best offerings from the high streets stores of Newcastle for this Summer.

 photo may2013066_zps530c4362.jpg
 photo may2013073_zps82aaa786.jpg
 photo may2013079_zps8d71038a.jpg

If you want to check out any of the other events Newcastle Fashion Week has to offer you can check out the website- here.

Have you been to any of this years events?

Bryden & Claire

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Newcastle Fashion Week t shirt.

 photo null_zpsf914f8d0.jpg

I love Newcastle. I do moan about it from time to time, but when it comes down to it, I bloody love this little city. What better way to show my love than with this canny t shirt celebrating Newcastle Fashion Week designed by Electrik Sheep? What's even better is that ALL of the profits go to the charity Cash for Kids; as us Geordies would say- BELTA!

If you fancy wearing your Geordie pride on your chest, get yourself down to Fenwick as quickly as possible (they're limited edition) and grab yourself one for ten quid. Gaan on pet!