Friday, 23 March 2012

Marni for H&M Haul


I loved the H&M Marni collection and I literally nearly keeled over when I caught a glimpse of the sequin collars they had (particularly the white one!). I was late for work the day it came out and totally forgot all about it until I got to work. I quickly applied for some leave and headed into Town to have a look in H&M. In all honesty I was expecting an empty shop full of injured shop assistants but it was spookily quiet when I got there. I wandered over the the Marni area and there was actually a fair bit left... Not loads mind you, but far more than I was expecting. The shop assistant tells me it was manic at 9am and explained how much stock they had and this was the only stuff left. Everything on the hangers and the tables looked soo much nicer than in their promo pictures. No sequin collars and no belts left - Two things I really wanted! They did have some sandals left and I was really chuffed to have managed to get the last pair of size 4's. They're slightly too big for me but that's always the case - size 3's are too small and size 4's are too big (Why oh why don't more places do half sizes?)

I also picked up a pair of their knee socks and one of the transparent two tone tote bags which really appealed to me.

When I arrived at the cash desk it took a lot of will not to start gushing at the cashier at how excited I was! However, I was terrified when she handed over my MASSIVE plastic Marni carrier bag as I knew there would be no way I'd be able to carry it around town without it trailing the floor (I'm only 5ft3!) and I was very tempted to ask if I could have two of the smaller ones instead so I could carry stuff better. I decided against this as she might have thought I might have wanted to sell my extra bag on ebay after hearing reports that people had done this! So off I trotted out of H&M with a carrier bag the size of myself desperately trying not to trip up on the way out...

Socks and Sandals

Two tone tote bag - Perfect for summer!

The beautiful carrier bag aka possible death trap for small adults

Bryden x

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