Monday, 6 August 2012

EAT! NewcastleGateshead

The EAT! NewcastleGateshead festival took place between Friday 27th July and Sunday 29th July. Described on their website as 'the buzziest, tastiest, foodie-est, city street festival. For three days, the heart of NewcastleGateshead is turned into a taste bud-tempting array of foodie events. From cooking demos to cookery workshops, choice foods to chilli bonanzas, fish barbecues to street food festival'.

My boyfriend and I opted to on the Sunday as there was a mini Street Food Festival taking place behind the Guildhall on Newcastle's Quayside. We also had a look around the stalls around Newcastle Monument before heading down and were lucky to catch a demo from the Malaysian speciality chef Norman Musa. 

 Sweet treats!

Mini Street Food Festival, Guildhall.

The Street Food Festival had a small selection of food stalls ran by some of the most popular restaurants in Newcastle. Tokens for the food could be bought at the 'box office' (£3 per token or £10 for 5 tokens. Boxes and forks - £1) and then could we swapped at the stalls for food. Most meals were one token but some of the larger meals (For example: Curry and rice or Jerk Chicken) were two tokens.

Marco Polo Italian stall

Shin of beef ragu

Chargrill squid with chilli and rocket

Arancini - Salami, Mint and Chilli

Heavenly Manna Caribbean Stall

Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas

Jerk Stew with Rice and Peas

Sachins Indian Stall

Chicken Tikka Wrap (Unfortunately this was the only picture I was able to get before the heavens opened and we had to run into a nearby pub to take shelter)

My favourite foods from the Street Food Festival were the Jerk Stew and the Arancini. I've never been to either of these restaurants before but I think I'll definitely have to go in the future! I wish I was able to try some of Marco Polo's flourless chocolate cake but they had ran out before we got there. Fingers crossed they'll be a next time!

Bryden x

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