Sunday, 18 August 2013

Mini Living Room Makeover

I recently decided to give my living room a mini makeover. I was sick of the drab furniture that came with that flat so I bought a few items to brighten up the place. Imagine this shot with no ornaments, no rug, no coffee table and no flowers. The place was pretty depressing. It's not a drastic change but it has made me feel loads better about the place. There's a lot of work left to do.
 photo 2823b701-48be-49f0-ab5f-1a4c1d6eb7e6_zps10ecc018.jpg
I picked up this hydrangea from Lidl. I love hydrangeas! They're supposed to be kept outside but I've been alternating between keeping it inside and outside. There's been a few downpours recently and I really don't want it to drown!

The rug is from Ikea and was only £55. It's one of the nicest cheapest rugs I've seen. Some of them are ridiculously expensive and way out of my budget. You can get cushions to match too so I'm saving up for these at the moment. 

Our coffee table was a found item. It's alright for a freebie! You can tell from its appearance that it had been outside for quite a while but I like its weathered look. But, I think it looks much better than a plain pine table would. 

I have used jars as 'ornaments'. This might be a little controversial but I like the way they look and I like to pop tea lights in these on a night time. I spray painted a few of the jars and popped them on top of the fireplace too along with my shoddy jar I painted with some glass paints. My candles on the coffee table are from Primark were really cheap. The owl tea pot (charity shop) and tea cup candle (etsy) are things I've had for a while. 

It's not perfect by any means but the place is so much brighter then it was. I can't wait to have my own home so I can decorate it entirely myself. 

Bryden x