Monday, 16 March 2015

Hillarys Crafternoon

In my friend circle we do try and get involved with a bit of crafting.  There's always a bit of a running joke that my friend Danni is way too impatient and ends up messing up and that our other friend Katrina watches me closely, learns what not to do from Danni's mistakes and then asks me to finish it off.  I usually am quite successful at crafting but it's never completely perfect! When I saw an invite to join Hillary's Blinds for an afternoon of tea of crafting with the Crafty Hen's it was right up my alley and I invited Katrina along for the ride!

 photo 59c0b57c-c3b9-48a7-8828-0b220e43fae6_zps5xjs9c9l.jpg

Hillary's have been hosting blog events around the country making various craft items with their new range of blind material (You can find more information about the craft roadshow here). The Crafty Hens and Hillary's Blinds hosted our event at the Jazz Cafe near Central.  I hadn't been in the Jazz Cafe since it was actually the Jazz Cafe and you needed to knock on the door to get in! If the owner didn't like the look of you.. you weren't getting in! It's all changed now and seems to fit into the area well.

 photo d37bb039-da2c-4af4-a95a-e47e7b7d051c_zpsa0ggysm3.jpg

After having a much needed coffee the hen's briefed us on what we would be doing and showed us step by step how we would create a stuffed ornamental bird and a book cover. The book cover was easy to do and made even easier as the material was already cut to size so all we had to do was a few folds, a couple of stitches and ta da it was done.  The bird was a little more complicated to do and took patience to make sure the stitches were close enough together to make sure that the stuffing didn't bust out the sides.

 photo 11023004_1423432844617128_2138056328_n_zpsudi7iupn.jpg

 photo 4b090bc5-a584-406c-8676-3d9436279b95_zpsln01wkns.jpg

 photo b1e45985-9c4c-47c4-b82e-1a8b20d6f121_zpszw96rubu.jpg

If you want to see more check out #hillaryscrafternoon on Instagram and Twitter

Bryden x

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