Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Bryden review - Primark Nail Foils.

I've had my eyes on the nail foils by Nail Rock for a while now but at a £6.70 price tag I wasn't quite sure that the price was worth it. To me, they seemed almost like glorified 'kiddie' nail stickers and I could buy a nail varnish (Maybe even a couple depending on the brand!) for the same price. So when I noticed at a recent trip to Primark that they had a cheaper version of the Nail Rock foils in stock I jumped at the chance to try them! There were 3 designs to choose from and they were all priced at £3. The designs are - black and white skulls, shiny gold leopard print and black and white polka dots. I am unsure if there any other designs at present. I grabbed them in two designs - Polka dots and Leopard print.

I decided to try the polka dot design at first as the leopard print design was more suited for a night out. The instructions on the back were easy to follow and the foils themselves weren't that hard to cut to shape (My nails are tiny!!). The instructions said to buff the nails slightly at first so that the foil was able to adhere better to the nail. When applied, I 'sealed' them with a blast from my hair dryer as per instructions and filled off the excess foil at the edge of the nail using a nail file.

Here's the results:

Excuse the photograph, I had to take this on my Blackberry.

I was happy with the initial results but was unsure on the look of them - They do look very fake!! I wore the foils for 3 days when I was off work ill. During this time I did not undertake much activity. On the third day they started to peel at the edges and I decided to remove them. The pack doesn't actually say how long they are expected to last but I gathered from a quick google search that the usual time can be from 1 - 2 weeks (some search results showed 4 weeks!).

I think I would actually purchase these again for a night out or special occassion but I definitely would not rely on them for my everyday nails as they are £3 per set.

Bryden x

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  1. yeah mine peeled/looked daft after two days! but that might be coz of typing and stuff at work? i dunno. worth the 3 quid i suppose xx