Sunday, 10 July 2011

I see it in the Nars!

When I noticed that ASOS were offering 20% of Nars products a while back I jumped at the chance to buy some. At first glance I assumed that the least popular products would be discounted leaving the most popular products at full price but I found the exact opposite after having a more thorough look.

I've had my eye on the Orgasm blush(peachy pink blush with gold shimmer) for about 3 years now but never bought it until now due to the price. After trawling the internet for dupes I bought a Wet n' Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink instead. After finally getting the Orgasm blush I can see now that the colour comparison wasn't as close as I dreamed but it is still a great dupe. I prefer the Nars Blush as its a little darker and the gold shimmer is more apparent.

In addition to the Orgasm blush I also bought the cream blush in Cactus Flower (a warm orange/red with flecks of gold). Again, this is another blush I've been lusting after for a long time (along with Penny Lane cream blush aswell) but wasn't prepared to shell out the cash. Cactus Flower is a lot brighter than Orgasm and the shimmer isn't as chunky. It's very easy to apply (I use a flat top kabuki) and the texture is very smooth. The colour itself is quite scarily bright in the pan but once applied sparingly it looks wonderful and gives me a natural flush. The colour itself is quite similar to the colour of my natural flush/blush.

After shoving these blushes into my virtual shopping basket I decided I wanted to try something different, something I hadn't been lusting over and something I needed. I had recently ran out of my Eyeko Graffiti Liner so I decided to have a go of the Nars equivalent, I mean, It had to be good? ITS NARS? WRONG WRONG WRONG. What an absolute waste of money. The product doesn't flow well, the product itself isn't dark enough and it smudges like hell! Soo disappointed. Just shows that however high a reputation a brand has it cannot reflect the quality of every product.

Two photos just to show the colour of the products. Apologies as they're not the best photographs:
Colours are true to life in this photo.

Swatchy swatchy. See the thinner line from the eyeliner is very 'wishy washy'. The thicker line was only more pigmented as I was able to apply pressure from the side of the pen nib. Left to right - Nars felt tip liner, Cactus Flower blush and Orgasm blush.

I'm still happy with my purchases and I will use the eyeliner when I need to go somewhere quick and don't need my eyeliner to stay on for any certain length of time. Maybe a quick walk to the garage? The blushes are lovely I'm still thinking of buying the Penny Lane cream blush as it looks lovely. I also want to have a look at the Nars eyeshadows but it would have to be a pretty one of a kind colour before I invested.

Bryden xx

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