Thursday, 29 December 2011

Jolie Box December

I've been subscribed to Glossy Box, Feel Unique and Boudoir Prive (now Jolie Box UK) for a while now. The first box I subscribed to was Glossy Box back in June. There's always mixed reviews of these boxes and I totally understand that - Not everyone has the same taste! I personally would love to see a lifestyle product in the boxes, perhaps maybe every now and again? I loved the tea which was included a couple of times in Boudoir Prive and I would love to see products such as candles or room sprays to be included aswell. I see these as a luxury product I only buy every once in a while so I wouldn't mind testing a few out before buying something expensive.

I was excited to see that Boudoir Prive was becoming Jolie Box UK as this is my ultimate favourite of the boxes I have subscribed to and I can see this as a great opportunity for expansion for them. I've always felt that Boudoir Prive in the past has provided brands which aren't necessarily well known and I like this! It gives me a better view on what products are out there besides the ones that are commonly raved upon in the blogging world. I hope this carries on in Jolie Box UK.

Low and behold - JOLIE BOX UK!





The Low down:
OPI Gold Shatter Nail Lacquer - VERY exciting. I love shatter nail varnishes and I haven't got a gold one.
Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash - Smells expensive!
New CID Cosmetics i-gloss in Babydoll (Mid toned pink) - Lovely! Not sure on the light as I nearly blinded myself with it on first application. Non-sticky.
Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust in Rose Gold - Described as a multi-use shimmer powder for cheeks, lips, body, eyes and hair. Not sure about using this in my hair but I think I'll really enjoy using this on my eyes and cheeks.
Yon-Ka Vital Defense - An anti-aging cream. Many people moan on about getting anti-aging products in their boxes due to their age. I don't mind. I believe in prevention and many anti-aging products contain exfoliants which are great for a mild exfoliation without scrubbing away at youself.

Very excited to see TWO bonus items this month!
Kusmi Detox Tea - This is my favourite product from the box. I love tea! I love the packaging and I will definitely be taking advantage of their offer codes included in the box. I'm nursing a cup of this now and its very refreshing.
Jolie Box Concealer Brush - I've never used a concealer brush before and this gives me the perfect opportunity to give it a go. Seems very soft but yet still stiff enough to apply product evenly.

I've seen a few different variants of products on some other blogs with the colours of some products.

What do you like to see in you beauty boxes? Whats your favourite?

Bryden x


  1. Sounds exciting! - plus getting things in the post is always fun right? I once had some shimmer dust for putting in hair ( I bought it from lush - so it smelt gorgeous, and strong) and allthough I had my reservations to begin with, after trying it I really liked it. . it made my hair super shiny!

  2. I was thinking about having a little experiment and mixing a bit of the pigment with my VO5 Miracle concentrate and smoothing it through my hair. My Tigi blow out balm is very glittery so it might have the same effect!


  3. Great blog! I was unsure if I should subscribe to the Jolie Box UK but now I'm convinced!
    Just placed my order and can't wait for it to arrive.!/Wotshernameagai