Monday, 15 July 2013

A trip to Scotland

Steven and I recently went to Scotland for my cousins wedding. 

Here are a few photo's from our trip:

 photo 3f58a208-221c-40d0-a44e-d607657db234_zps61a6506d.jpg
On the train to Dunfermline - We were so tired. 

 photo 9718e0ef-71ab-471d-9f78-367e713b2fae_zps813a38ec.jpg
The Cottage

 photo ea01dedd-1c3c-4c26-8d19-f9e82f8ba260_zps74151592.jpg

 photo b5cc1dad-9d43-43aa-b28a-1f90b9fad65a_zpsfec3e44b.jpg
Going over the Forth Rail Bridge

 photo 336c8624-dc56-427c-be33-3f7c472d441d_zpsbeb8f3e0.jpg
Antlers in the hallway

 photo ca7e8be3-eb45-4ba4-bf0c-09197627b2d3_zps29c19be0.jpg
Full English

 photo eb45ba6f-9ec5-4571-a617-a3e5f7158a3f_zps1acd6fc1.jpg

 photo a972285d-a114-458c-bd72-ce0ad64e8f07_zps2ce5a3fb.jpg
We found this A-Z in the cottage and inside was some directions to near where Steven's parents live and it was placed in the pages of where we live. Spooky!

 photo 900e69b4-5972-4d41-8fc8-4af30a9e8064_zpsbe7ee002.jpg
Flowers outside the Forth View  Hotel

 photo ce9e03e0-84f6-4e17-9e65-f6d33683a1e9_zps39ce061f.jpg
The view from the restaurant

 photo f0a6a29d-150f-419b-85df-f8025e77436a_zps0066fa91.jpg
The seafood restaurant we visited

 photo ee4497c9-4f12-455f-b05d-f02c0216d870_zps7fa89599.jpg
View from our bedroom

 photo 04b69ce4-d0da-4b5a-b2ba-4e5e125c5980_zps1d03fd20.jpg
Cute water jug for Steven and my Dad's whiskey

 photo 8f39da7d-84b5-4862-8b37-6b45b9a81bdd_zps54a0ba81.jpg

 photo 73ae3052-01fd-4bb1-990f-99e687da260b_zpse02b34c6.jpg
Not sure where this was but it was beautiful. We stopped here after buying some food in Pathhead to eat on the way home.

Bryden x


  1. Aww, such lovely photos. The little jug is so cute!

    Just Smile.

  2. Aww, such lovely photos. The little jug is so cute!

    Just Smile.