Monday, 14 October 2013

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil - 30 day test.

It was Claire who originally told me about this oil. I have a very greasy t-zone and it drives me up the wall having to blot every couple of hours. I decided to buy this on pay day and to keep a diary on how it works. The lady on the counter was telling me the best thing to do it use a couple of drops neat for the first 3 weeks every night and then I can start using this mixed in with my moisturiser. She explained that the idea behind the oil is to trick the skin into thinking it had already produced enough oil so less oil would be produced. Skeptical at first but I have heard so many good reviews about this product I caved and decided to take it home with me. 

The oil boasts a hefty price tag at £30 for 50ml but I'm assuming as you only need a few drops of the stuff that it should last a relatively long time. The dropper in the bottle helps to control the amount of oil that you use. 

I wanted to test this for 30 days before writing a review because I wanted to make sure I didn't react to this product and to make damn sure that this was worth the money.

The results:

Day 1 - Still a little skeptical I use this as instructed before bed. I initially used 3 drops for my entire face but I got a bit greedy and used about 4 drops more. I look like a greasy mess and quickly realise I've put too much on. Oh well. 

Day 5 - I can see a difference in the amount of oil my t-zone is producing. Its nothing drastic but I notice I don't need to touch up as much. The oil is very lightweight and doesn't feel heavy or pore clogging.

Day 10 - I'm making sure I use 3-4 drops for my entire face so I don't waste product. I've been out the night before and I notice that my skin doesn't look as dehydrated as it usually does. My t-zone isn't as greasy as day 1. This morning I mixed a drop of the oil into my anti-shine moisturiser despite what the lady from the Clarins counter said. I noticed that it didn't effect how my anti-shine moisturiser worked and my skin is super smooth ready for make up. 

Day 15 - Still going strong! I'm really missing my moisturiser at the moment. 

Day 20 - I missed a few days when I went camping but I can still see the results so all is not lost. I've been mixing 1 - 2 drops into my morning moisturiser as standard now and still using it neat on a night time. I'm going to start mixing 1 - 2 drops into my night cream and start using moisturiser at night again as I am still really missing it. I've noticed that my make up is staying on for a lot longer than it usually does. 

Day 25 - I'm now using my moisturiser and the oil at night. I'm still loving this stuff. I've noticed I'm going through this stuff pretty quickly so I'm making sure to only use a couple of drops as I've only got half a bottle left! Eeek!

Day 30 - The Conclusion - Today is the last day of the test and I'm really happy with the results. My skin is less oily and is more even in tone. It isn't a out of this world miracle product where my skin has completely changed and no longer produces oil, oil is still being produced but just less than usual. My skin has kept hydrated and my make up is staying on a lot longer before I need to touch up with powder. I'm really happy with the results.

Since doing this test I have been using this oil for over a month now and I've found it works wonders on hangover skin. When I get in from a night out I've been taking off my make up with a micellar water and using this neat on my skin before bed. I've been waking up with a bad head still but my skin looks glowy and hydrated!

Have you tried this oil? What did you think?

Bryden x

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