Wednesday, 30 July 2014

REVIEW: Burger Stop, Newcastle Quayside.

Some friends and I recently visited Burger Stop on the quayside. I had heard mixed reviews and was a little apprehensive at first but I decided to try out the place for myself. Looking back I remember there was a lot of build up to this new burger place opening. I remember being really excited for it to open but because it seemed to take ages to open I forgot all about it once their doors had opened! My friends had been before and really enjoyed it. One of them even went on to say that it was the best burger they had ever had.

 photo 0ae88d38-5d76-457b-82ce-eb30a462d981_zps84af1c12.jpg

The first thing that stood out to me when we walked in was the decor. I thought it was great. Really clean, cool and simple. Nothing can be branded as trying to hard in here and everything seems really effortlessly cool. The menu is simple and offers some great choices of burger. The chicken burger really stood out to me but I decided on 'The Big Cheese' in the end. I wanted to see how their cheeseburgers compared to the Fat Hippo.

We all got a burger each and orders two fries, slaw and brioche-crumbed chicken wings to share. The chicken wings were absolutely amazing. Thick, crunchy and juicy in the middle. They were truly the best thing off the menu by far. I would return purely to eat those wings again. 

 photo f144bb6b-c755-4247-bc4e-1391fdcda969_zps485832eb.jpg

The burgers were good. Personally I thought the patty was too thick but this is my personal taste. My friends like a thick patty and thought they were great! I usually like to see a thinner patty yet still pink in the middle. The meat itself was great. Lovely flavour - I can't fault that at all. One thing we all didn't seem to like was the sheer amount of oil which had soaked the bottom of the bun but this could easily be rectified if the chef drained some of the oil onto some kitchen paper before serving. It would make the world of difference. 

 photo 0655c778-799c-423e-8f66-3e33db3badea_zpsceeabc8b.jpg

As you can see the burgers don't come on a plate and they're served wrapped in paper. In hindsight could this have been why the bottom was soggy? Hmm... I would've preferred our burgers/sides to come on a small side plates/bowls. I know they have them because the chicken wings came on one! Perhaps I will ask for one when I visit again. I'm also slightly worried about the waste of using paper wrapping and pots all the time. I'm hoping that the papers and paper pots will be recycled but I can't see any mention of this on their site.

Would I go again? Yes, I want to try the chicken burger after having those gorgeous wings.

Comment below if you've been before. I'm interested in hearing peoples thoughts. 

Bryden x


  1. I went when it first opened (here - but I will admit we haven't been back since, and that's despite me working on the Quayside and walking past it nearly every day! It always seems pretty quiet in there which is a shame :(

    Chloe x

  2. omg! so yummy:)!!
    please visit me in free time:)