Monday, 25 April 2011

Eyeko Like - yo!

I've been eyeing up Eyeko products for a while. I remember bugging my Dad to buy me the Shimmer cream and sparkle powder when I was little from House Of Fraser and I felt like I had THE MOST fancy pants make-up ever! I wish I still had the packaging still because it was SOO much nicer back then.

I decided to get a few items in and here's what I choose:Photobucket
Eyeko shimmer cream with extra glow, Eyeko Bronzing cream, Big Eyes mascara, Resort Nails polish, Raspberry Fat Balm and Graffiti Liner in Black (Not pictured).

No, I didn't order two of the same nail varnishes. I played my orders quite sneakily and split them into two so I would get two free polishes (Resort nails) as I knew I'd love the colour and would want to buy a back up anyway! :)

After hearing good things about the Eyeko Mascara - I was pretty dissapointed. The formula seems too wet and leaves your lashes a bit sparse and stiff. I'm going to see if it gets a little better once it dries out.

I'm totally loving the shimmer cream though! I went for the one with extra glow which is more pink toned than the original one. I've also tried this as an eyeshadow cream and it looks lovely! - Especially under the brow bone as a highlight too. I'm yet to try out the bronzing cream properly but it looks lovely and thick! Can't wait to have a go at using this on my cheeks once I've caught the sun a little.

I don't know how I managed to do this - But I left out my Graffiti Liner in black from the picture. I absolutely LOVE this stuff and I have been using it every day since I got it. I tried to use my Illamasqua Liner the other day and it was like I had forgotten how to apply it! The Eyeko one is soo easy to apply. I do find it not to be as dark as other brands but I just apply some more over the top and it looks great.

Here's the results:

I also got the Fat Balm in Raspberry which turned out to be a little more on the brownish side - But thats ok! It looks lovely!

I'd definitely buy Eyeko Products again, What are your faves?

Bryden x


  1. The graffiti pen does look good, i've been wanting to try it for a while now


  2. I really like it! Its not as dark as some others like but if you don't mind going over again its fine. Really easy to use :) Bryden x