Monday, 11 April 2011

Mam knows best.

When I went to my parent’s house last weekend I forgot to take any shower products with me so I ended up borrowing some of my Mam’s. I have to say, I really like what she’s using at the moment. I was really impressed with the Kerastase Bain Age Recharge Shampoo and Kérastase Complexe Vita-Resource conditioner. My hair hasn’t been in the best condition lately, but this left it feeling really soft and nourished without being weighed down. My Mam says it’s worked really well to thicken and strengthen her hair.


Another product that she’s been using lately, after she bought some of their stuff on holiday in Spain, was from the brand Rituals. I’d never heard of them, but since I’ve seen they have a stand in Fenwick’s in Newcastle and I’m definitely considering buying some of their products. I started in the shower with the Sakura Scrub, which is an organic sugar body scrub with rice milk and cherry blossom. This scrub is perfect, I hate scrubs that only have a few scrub particles floating around in them and don’t end up doing much. My skin felt so soft after using this and it smelt lovely. Once I got out of the shower I used the Magic Touch body cream with organic cherry and rice milk, this was a really thick cream that melted into my skin leaving it silky soft and smelling amazing. The Imagine ultra caring hand cream is also a new favourite of mine. My Mam better hide her stash!


We’ve been having some lovely weather in the UK lately, but this time of year always leaves me with two predicaments. Firstly- What to do with my milk bottle pale legs? And secondly- How not to look like a shiny faced mess 24/7? So ladies, I need your help. Can anyone suggest a good fake tan (I’m very pale; so I’m going for a natural look, not to look like I’m off Snog, Marry, Avoid) and an anti shine primer to stop me looking a right state this summer!


P.S. My Mam says can everyone please draw their attention to her ‘statement’ orange towels in the background of the photos ha ha.


  1. Bare minerals do a mineral veil which is just a see through powder you put over your make up & stops any shinyness! & as for fake tan I'm still really pleased with the results of that one I had on when I saw you (ambre solaire in a spray bottle.. the lightest one) it's a build up thing I'm happy with the colour I am after 2 applications & I have zero streaks! Theres even a face version in a smaller bottle & I would never put it on my face normaly what with having bad skin and the enevitable patchyness but just a little spray of this stuff and you get a nice little glow & my face matches my body..! p.s please excuse my bad spellings i can tell i got a million words wrong in this comment xx

  2. haha my mam has 'statement towels' too piled up in the bathroom - NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE THEM. i don't understand but they make her happy. i asked on twitter and a few people mentioned xen tan? it's canny expensive though so i dunno! xx

  3. kerastase is such a great brand. i only use mine for treats though, too expensive unfortunately :-(