Wednesday, 22 June 2011

North East Blogger Meet Up UPDATE!

Just a quick final update about the North East Blogger Meet Up we're organising in Newcastle this weekend.

We'll be meeting on Saturday the 25th of June in Newcastle Central Station between 11.30am-12pm outside Burger King, which is in the station itself. If anyone gets in earlier or later, just let us know and we can sort something out. You can contact us via our Twitter.

Once everyone has arrived we'll be going for some drinks/food/chat. After we've all got to know each other ,we'll have a look round town and do a spot of shopping. If you have bags with you, don't worry as I've got some storage sorted whilst we're in town.

We'll then all pop back home/to hotels etc to get all tarted up for a night out on the toon! We've come up with a few ideas of places to go, to make sure there's something for everyone. If anyone has any suggestions or requests for places to go in either the day or the night, just let us know.

It's not too late to come along, just let us know before the day so nobody gets left behind! If you're under 18 you will only be able to attend the day time part of the meet up.

We can't wait to see all of you lovely ladies! I hope you've all been watching Geordie Shore in preparation!

Claire & Bryden

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  1. oh mannn, totally forgot about this! Hope yous had a lot of fun, look forward to seeing a post on it :).

    Helen, X