Monday, 6 February 2012

Beauty Box - Feel Unique February

I was checking my e-mails on my phone this morning and saw that Feel Unique had sent me an e-mail telling me that my box was dispatched so imagine my surprise when 10 minutes later there was a knock at my door from my postman with my beauty box! Now that's fast service... ha ha!

I'm not going to lie, the Feel Unique beauty box is not one of my favourites (I get Glossy, Jolie and Feel Unique). I am never excited by the contents and I think this is because it never includes any products/brands which I haven't heard of before. To some this could be a dream come true as there's no risk taking involved and you'll always expect something that readily available and probably something you've seen before which makes the box 'worth the money'. To me, this isn't what I signed up for. I want to hear about new products that could possibly become my 'holy grail'. I don't really want to hear about products which I've seen/heard about before.

I've been thinking about cancelling this box for a while now and I'm going to give it another couple of months before I decide what to do. I'm liking the look of the She Said Beauty Box and may subscribe to that one instead. I was debating about subscribing to Carmine instead as well but I'm unsure at the moment.

Enough rambling... Onto the box :



First Reactions:

Decleor Phytopeel Face Peel Cream - Promising to exfoliate and smooth. Interesting to see how this compares to the Dermalogica Thermafoliant as I'm loving using my sample at the moment. I think I got the Thermafoliant from Glossy Box.

Phillip Kinglsey Elasticizer - A pre-shampooing treatment to moisturise. Again, Interesting. I've looked into buying this in the past from raves from other bloggers but the feelings past. I hope this going to be something I'll end up raving about. I'm currently blogging with this on my hair at the moment!

Nuxe Hulle Prodigleuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil - Oil for face, body and hair. I love oils at the moment. I don't know why but the term 'dry oil' doesn't make me want to put this in my hair. We'll see...

Elemis Lime and Ginger Hand and Body Wash - Exactly what it says on the tin - A hand and body wash. Smells lovely! I always see Elemis products as something of a treat and I wouldn't normally buy from this brand as it is a lot of money to shell out for something you may not like. Really happy to see this in the box!

Leighton Denny High Performance Colour Nail Varnish in Steel Appeal - A nail varnish is always a welcomed product. I don't have anything like this colour so I'm happy with this to try out.

Bonus item:
Jean Paul Gautier Kokorico perfume sample - At first spray it smells like PERFUMECOFFEE but now its worn off its just your bog standard stinky bearing on granny-ish perfume. Nothing exciting.

Id like to know...
What do you think of the beauty boxes out there?
Have you subscribed to She Said Beauty?
What do you think of the Carmine box?

Help me decide what to do about my subscription to Feel Unique!

Bryden x


  1. I'm waiting for my box, I think it's much better than last months from what I've seen! I'd use the dry oil on your body rather than hair, if it's the shimmery one it would look great on your collarbones or down the front of shins. And I thought Kokorico was a mens fragrance? Maybe give it to a man in your life and see what it smells like on them?

  2. The Nuxe oil is just the plain oil - No shimmer at all. I Think I'll just stick to using it on my body.
    You're right! It is a blokes fragrance! I just assumed it was a women's or at least unisex because the box is more aimed at women. I gave my boyfriend a sniff of it on me this morning and he turned his nose up so I don't think its his bag. I'll try giving it to my dad!

    - Bryden

  3. Fab post, just waiting on my box being delivered. Hopefully be here soon. I've subscribed to the 3 month gift package of she Said Beauty to see if it's any good, can't wait for the first box:) My fave beauty box has to be Carmine though, especially the jan box- was fantastic.

    Just started my own blog


  4. Thank you! I think I might have to sign up for She Said. Looking forward to reading your posts :)

    - Bryden x

  5. hiya! This box looks fantastic!! You've got some really good brands and good sized products. I love the concept of beauty boxes but I havent decided which one to go for as there are just so many to choose from...need to do abit more research I think. I've signed up for the She Said beauty box in the hope that the first month will have awesome products. I'll see how I like then decide whether to stick with it or cancel. If you do sign up for She Said I would be insanely grateful if you used my link!

    I cant wait to see what they send us!! xx

  6. I think that this month's box is definitely better than last month's box but its still a bit meh! I'm unsure about whether to ubsubscribe - I unsunscribed from Carmine because I thought last month's box was terrible.
    The Kokorico perfume is a male fragrance btw - don't know why they decided to include a male fragrance!

  7. @ cherry lane - I subscribed to She said beauty tonight using your link so I hope it worked.

    I had the December and January Carmine boxes - loved the December one, jury is still out on the January one as although it had some good products, it didn't seem as good value as the December one.

    I also had the January Glossy Box with Clarins products. Initially I was very happy with the box, though not as happy as the Hype led me to think I would be. Then I discovered my Clarins day cream was almost empty so I quickly moved to disappointed. However, fair play to Glossy Box I complained and yesterday I received a replacement day and night cream, so now I'm back to happy again and have ordered the February box.

    I think I'm becoming a bit hooked on these boxes and will have to decide which is the best, but may give myself another month to decide.

    If anyone wants to order the She said box, please use my link below, you'll get the box for at least 25% off if you order before 27 Feb.