Friday, 24 February 2012

Jolie Box February 2012

Another month... Another Jolie Box! This is the second box since Boudoir Prive converted to Jolie Box UK.

You may have seen from my previous beauty box posts that I am a massive fan of Jolie Box/Boudoir Prive. I'm always looking forward to this box hitting my door mat (or rather landing into my hands via the post lady as the box can't fit through the post box!!). As usual this box didn't disappoint. Another wonderful selection of products from brands I wouldn't normally see wandering the aisles of Boots and Superdrug. I was also very excited to see the products now nestling in a Jolie Box drawstring bag rather then resting on top of shredded paper packaging - A nice touch.


Jane Iredale - Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink
I was searching around my drawstring bag frantically trying to locate my fifth item before I finally found this cute little tube of stain. I was actually hoping the product was going to come out more like the coral colour it appeared to be in the tube before I tested it realising it was one of those 'magic' colour changing stains. This product claims to adjust to the colour to your mood and temparature. Now temperature I can believe... but mood... HAWAY MAN...No way. It's not the darkest of stains but it's pretty nonetheless. I already use the L'oreal colour adapting lipstick (very similar in colour but more glossy) and the Barry M touch of magic (this product is a must have! The colour is much darker and lasts agggges) so I'm not sure if I'd re-buy.



Lavera - Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream
Always nice to have another hand cream for my bag...

Macadamia - Deep Repair Masque
I love Macadamia Oil and I'm currently trying to use up all my serums and oils so I can buy a full size of it. Very excited to try out the masque!

Kimia - Rejuvenating Facial System
I think I've seen this included in another box before (Maybe Glossy Box?) but I didn't get it. I love the idea of a two step system and I can't wait to try it out. I had a little go of it on the back of my hand and it seems wonderful!

Taaj - Himalaya Micellar Water
When I saw this it immediately reminded me of that Bioderma Water that people rave about. Anyone have any idea if this is similar? Currently trying to use up a Clinique and Botanics make up remover so I wont be opening this until they have been done with.

Really happy with my box! The only 'hmph' product was the hand cream but these little tubes always come in handy for a hand bag so I can't be too unhappy about it. I noticed on my card that they are now listing what other variations of products people might get and I have to say I was a little down in the dumps that I didn't get the RMK cleansing oil instead of the Taaj water! But... that's the luck of the draw! I'm already excited to see what March has to bring!

Did you get a Jolie Box this month? What did you think?

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  1. I used to be subscribed to the Boudoir Prive!
    But just when I got back to Brazil from London, they changed to Jolie Box and now I am really upset to not be able to get this box!
    It really looks and sounds amazing!!!

    Enjoy it for me cause I can't =(