Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mobile Montage - January


 photo mosaicac33868abdbe85905c82ef75cedceab11ba61973_zps3429772f.jpg

1. First ever Instagram photo (food, obvz) - Booked my tickets for London next month - A healthy lunch
2. Fish pie before - Fish pie after - Mini treats - 
3. Snow apocolyse - Home made pizza - I have issues - 
4. I miss riding my bike :( - Sunday lunch - This salad made me its bitch 
5. GIANT Babybel! - Boy free zone on Tuesday nights - New old dress 
6. Sandwich dilemmas - New best friend (review coming soon) - Some light reading for my new job


 photo 54d557ec-7e06-40b6-bb4d-041f567e9020_zps56a04392.jpg

1. Mirror shots, Xmas Manicure, Temporary Engagement ring (haha!)
2. Jeffrey Campbell Padua's, Tapas, Ribs
3. Church, Cat Masks, Buffet Food
4. Cat Masks again, Sushi, Casetagram
5. Chinese, Sushi from Kingdom Buffet, Desserts from Kingdom Buffet
6. Snowy nights, My Face, Snow again
7. Malcolm, Berry Pavlova, Steak
8. Smoky Gingerbread Manhattan, Platters, Brooch
9. Mirror shots, Yankee Candle, JC Padua's
10. Laura Mercier Treats, Naked Palette, 9Bar Coffee Shop.

Claire and Bryden xx


  1. That food looks so yummy!

    A little bit Unique


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