Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Facts about us

You've probably all seen the 'Facts about me' posts that are doing the rounds on blogs at the moment. We thought we'd jump on the band wagon and share some little known (and sometimes embarrassing!) facts about us with you...

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  • We didn't actually like each other when we first met, Bryden thought Claire was a bitch and Claire thought Bryden was annoying! How times have changed!
  • Our first major bonding experience as friends was a make up shopping trip (shocker!)
  • We lived together for 10 lovely months, filled with drunken nights out and hangover food feasts.

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  • We named this little blog after everyones favourite alcoholic beverage deal- treble spirit and a mixer for £1.99! Here's the sign that inspired it all...

 photo 649_zps3c34a6f4.jpg

  • Our treble and mixer of choice is vodka & diet coke, if you're buying.
  • We used to live on the street where Cheryl Cole grew up and used to try and spy her out of our window when she'd come home to visit her mam.
  • Sadly we no longer live together, but speak to each other everyday via text. Claire has renamed Whatsapp to 'Brydensapp'.
  • As well as our mutal love of make up we love food. We send each other photos of things we've eaten, pretty much on a daily basis (losers)
  • We call each other 'Little Legs' (Bryden) and 'Big Legs' (Claire) due to our vast difference in height.

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  • After pretty much every drunken night out, when we lived together, we'd eat multiple McDonald's cheese burgers and fall asleep watching Pretty in Pink (on VHS, Bryden has issues  with DVD players). I don't think we've ever made it to the end.

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  • One time, Bryden recreated Michael Jackson's Earth Song video to cheer Claire up. It worked :)
  •  We got really obsessed with Mad Men for a few weeks in 2010. We got drunk one night and walked home through Byker shouting names of the characters. DON DRAPER!!!
  • Bryden LOVES disco music. We've spent many a night dancing to Earth, Wind and Fire in our local Wetherspoons.
  • We both love cheese burgers, but lasagne is Bryden's one true love. She loves it so much she'll eat it on a train, with chopsticks.

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  • Bryden has terrible taste in films and would inflict them upon Claire on a regular basis. Without a Paddle, anyone?
  • Bryden will never accept the fact Claire doesn't like pies and will always be puzzled by her love of cabbage.

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  • We both used to be vegetarian. We both broke veg around the same time and haven't looked back.
  • Bryden is known as the 'Food Collector' and once tried to 'create a demand' for Warburton's Sandwich Thins, to keep them in production, by buying the whole shelf one day.. then returned the next day to clear the whole shelf again... She had so many she ended up having to store some in her Mam's freezer.
  • This video will always remind us of each other-

We hope you've enjoyed discovering what huge weirdos we are!

Bryden and Claire

P.S. Speaking about yourself in the third person is tough!


    1. Hahahah you guys are the cutest! I love this and your friendship - it's the best! x

    2. Lol I liked reading this. So much fun coming from two bloggers rather than one. xx

      1. Thank you! Was fun making it together.

        Bryden x

    3. I so want to be a dickhead xxx

      1. Me and Claire were absolutely obsessed with this song for ages!!! Used to sing it when we were hungover.

        Bryden x

    4. Haha! I love this post, you were shouting drunk in Byker? I'd love to have heard that. I've lived in Newcastle all my life and can honestly say I've never walked up Byker I always got the bus through. Yous two have an amazing friendship, the first photo complete sums it up :D

      Just Smile.

      1. Yeah, We used to live there. I still do actually but with my fiance and his brother.
        Aww thank you!

        Bryden x