Monday, 22 April 2013

We've gone baking mad! - Baking Mad Campaign

We both love a good bit of cooking/baking/any type of food here at Trebles and a Mixer (As if you haven't noticed...). Bryden used to make cupcakes quite often for local punk gigs a few years ago but that seemed to fizzle out after the cupcake hype flame was stubbed out. Although the cupcake obsession still lingers slightly (We also have to admit we're still suckers for a fancy cupcake every once in a while!!) our interests have changed and we've moved on to more exciting things like Whoopie Pies, traditional cakes/pastries/puddings (like these Chelsea buns and this Victoria Sponge cake (this one is low calorie!)) and Cake Pops!

We were contacted by Baking Mad to consider baking something from their site. We haven't baked for ages and we also hadn't spent a lot of time with each other lately so this sounded great! 

The site is jam packed full of recipes running from sweet right through to savoury. We also enjoyed looking through their baking tips, especially the ones for scones. We love a good cheese scone and it's really easy to end up with scones with the consistency of hockey pucks! These tips will help us through our next batch.

At first we were tempted to make some buns so we could eat burgers for tea in our freshly baked buns (it always goes back to burgers with us...)but after receiving a lovely little selection of deco supplies from Baking Mad we decided to opt for a sweet option so we could take full advantage of having these supplies to hand. 

We choose to make these chocolate chip cookies(click for recipe) and this chocolate cake (click for recipe. We used a lot more brown sugar in the cookies than what it called for because we like the trecle-y taste it gives. 

We decided to get creative with some melted chocolate, fondant flowers and chocolate beans. The recipe was really easy to follow and they taste delicious. We think they look brilliant!

 photo 55461066-daf4-40d6-bef5-46721edfd2ee_zps6dd77071.jpg

 photo 16eae44b-7003-4e5c-9768-d42521ee0976_zpsc4244bdb.jpg
Hope you're all well, 

Bryden and Claire xx

Disclaimer: We were contacted by Baking Mad's PR to consider joining their baking campaign. We were asked to choose a recipe to make and post about it. Baking Mad supplied us with some baking supplies to decorate our creation. 

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