Monday, 14 October 2013

Mobile Montage - August

I had this scheduled to post and blogger just decided not to do it so here's a really late mobile montage for August... 

It's still just Bryden at the moment while Claire is waiting to get her internet installed (late news now as she now has it...).

August has been a great month and we were very excited to be invited to Brew Dog, Newcastle for Afternoon tea for punks (Post coming soon). We had an awesome time tasting all the different types of beers, cake and their meat and cheese platter. Yum!

 photo 2ab985ff-6d96-4080-97f1-7209d11d06a9_zpsf38d1672.jpg

1. Henna / 2. Party Face / 3. Robocup
4. Sausage Tray Bake / 5. Ami and I / 6. Tamago Maki
7. New Bike / 8. Ryan Gosling Bed T-shirt / 9. Saving an old friendly heirloom from the bin (BAD JULIA!)
10. Brew Dog Chalkboard / 11. Brew Dog / 12. Brew Dog Empties.

Bryden x

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