Friday, 22 November 2013

The Fat Budda, Newcastle at Christmas.

Claire and I attended an event at the Fat Buddha restaurant in Newcastle city centre to check their festive offerings. 

We were kindly greeted by our wonderful host Sandra and were taken on a guided tour of the restaurant before being seated to test out some of their dishes from their set christmas menu. We tried out a couple of their dishes including some lettuce cups and their honey chilli chicken (amazing). The whole restaurant was decked out for christmas and looked brilliant. It's definitely worth checking out their christmas menu if you're looking for somewhere to go around the festive period. Unfortunately, I can't see a link for this menu on their website so I can't provide a link to their set menu. 

 photo c8187989-e19c-4a8f-9e82-f3a05060c81b_zps05d1d4d3.jpg

 photo 65d8a581-6ec1-4243-9fce-1cc148f33c60_zps33608353.jpg

 photo e2fdfbab-c350-44a4-a325-b55b4274cae4_zpsa8160220.jpg

 photo 41702b6b-238c-48ef-b995-47192eea8bfa_zpsb9ed1a0d.jpg

 photo efff8cd2-0a9b-48c9-b786-19ff63730d93_zpsd6450214.jpg

 photo 674f9853-3b40-4868-a822-335b5db63c8e_zps4be98944.jpg

 photo aa9c0b7c-d05d-4d7b-8500-1ddd76014331_zps6857110b.jpg

Bryden x

Cross posted from as Claire and I attended this event together.

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