Monday, 14 March 2011

Blast from the past.

Having grown up in the 90’s and early 00’s Bryden and I are always reminiscing over things from back in the day- music, fashion and lately make up and beauty products. After fondly remembering things such as the kids range from the Body Shop, Hard Candy nail varnish and hair mascara (!!!) I had a look on Ebay to see if any of my favourite products from my early teen years were still knocking about.

If you were a girl in the 90’s/early 00’s you almost definitely used Impulse body spray. I remember the P.E. changing room at school was practically toxic with the smell of it after lessons and once me and a friend once got thrown out of a branch of Superdrug for testing all the different scents (I think the shop assistant thought we were solvent abusing in the aisles). The main ones we remember were Zen (Which kind of smelt of Parma Violets) and Vanilla Kisses. There was even a limited edition Spice Girls fragrance (Which is selling on Ebay for crazy ‘Buy now’ prices.)


My personal favourite was o2, which was a citrus fragrance. I managed to buy one from Ebay for £1.60, an absolute bargain for bringing back those teen memories! I actually still really like the fragrance and it’s a bit of a shame they don’t make it anymore.

My second blast from the past came in the form of an R U lipstick. R U was part of the Rimmel brand, but was focused more towards the young market. There were lots of brightly coloured eye shadows and nail varnishes which all had labels on them with things like “R U READY?” and “R U UP 4 IT?” (Ahhh the early days of text speak). I remember that they were always giving away free gifts with the products like those fluffy photo frames everyone had in their rooms at the time and for one of my friend’s birthdays I bought her a bright orange eye shadow and nail varnish combo from the range (Lucky girl!).


I got this lipstick in Amaze for £1.85 from Ebay and it’s actually a really nice bright pink.


Does anyone else remember these brands or any other ones you loved?



  1. I LOVED the 'kids' range from the Body Shop too - I still remember that fake Strawberry smell! :D

    In the early 00s I was a goth so practically LIVED in Geordie Jeans... :D

  2. hahaha YES! OMG Impulse body sprays = amazeballs! I definitely had the Spice Girls limited edition one... Schoolbag wasn't complete without it!

    Loved this wee post and loving the blog ladies :) xx

  3. Oh my god, Geordie Jeans! My mam wouldn't buy me any so I had a pair of my cousin's hand me downs. I think they were orginally black but were grey by the time I got them. I thought I was the coolest. I used to love the satsuma bubble bath from The Body Shop.

    I want the Spice Girls Impulse so badly, not enough to part with 50-100 quid though!

    I think 'Blast from the Past' may become a frequent feature for Trebles and a Mixer!