Thursday, 3 March 2011

Oh Alexa

Well hello there! Unfortunately this may be the last post you will see from me in a couple of weeks as again, I have left university work until the last minute and this time its not a quick 2000 word essay I've left to the last minute, its a 10000 word dissertation!

On the subject of bags, I think the most coveted bag in recent months has been the Mulberry Alexa bag. Unfortunately, I do not have the money, nor the time and patience to save up for one. I have a real Balenciaga First Bag which I'm terrified to take out as I don't want to ruin it. Buying a real Mulberry and doing the same to the Mulberry seems like a waste to me (personally). So when I saw the best dupe of a Mulberry Alexa I've seen for a while in a recent trip to TkMaxx. I had to snap it up!! The RRP price of the bag was noted as £56 and I managed to get this for a cool £24.99. The brand is Marina Galanti if anyone is interested in trying to find another on the interwebs. I'm not sure if the material is leather but it does feel decent, not the best of course, but very decent. It has kept it's shape quite well and is the PERFECT size.

Here it is!


I added the scarf myself. I like to do this with a lot of my bags. I suppose it's a bit like a bag charm that can be taken off and used as a hood if it starts raining (at least that's how I look at it!).

If I ever see the same bag in brown/tan I'd be soo happy to pick up another one of these!

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Alexa style bags? Would you fork out on a real one?

Bryden x

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