Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mobile Montage - December

Snacks - Shower Gel - Snow
Christmas tree - Oh Christmas tree - Me (Bryden)
Egg on Toast - Living Room Members Card - Christmas Party Oufit
Christmas Nails - Cal's Own Pizza, Heaton - Ghost World
Christmas Jumper - Christmas Pj's - Oreo Cheesecake (Made by Claire!)
Me, again... - Christmas Nails - Food at Sky Apple Cafe, Heaton
Food at Sky Apple Cafe, Heaton - Party Times - Christmas Dinner.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all well into the New Year!
Bryden x


  1. Oh I want there to be snow here too. It just won't lie on the ground. Also - oreo cheesecake COME TO ME. x

  2. It was amazing! Claire even sent me home with a doggy bag of cheesecake - Total angel.

    - Bryden x

  3. Your hair is so pretty and i love your nail art x