Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Skin Care Diary 1.

I wanted to do a post about my current skin care routine which has probably worked the best for me out of anything I have used in a long time. My skin is, in a word, rubbish. Ever since my early teens I've had trouble with spots and in more recent years, fully blown acne. In the past year I've suffered from cystic acne which leaves me with huge scars, usually around my jaw line. No fun at all.

I know my acne isn't as bad as some poor people get it; but still at 25 years old, it's frustrating to suffer from bad skin. I have tried pretty much every antibiotic, wash, cream, lotion available. None of which have fully cleared my skin.

A couple of months ago I visited the doctor about something else and happened to mention my skin (for about the millionth time!) and FINALLY they suggested I go and see a dermatologist. I had my first appointment a couple of weeks ago and it's been suggested that I try an Isotretinoin treatment, which is basically an extremely concentrated form of Vitamin A for four months. This isn't something I've decided without a lot of thought and research before hand. Isotretinoin is known for a vast range of side effects and I'll have to go to the hospital once a month for blood and pregnancy tests (It is extremely harmful to pregnant women). I'm thinking of doing updates every now and again to monitor my progress and hopefully help anyone else considering the treatment. Sounds pretty savage huh?!

Anyway enough of the serious stuff, lets look at some lovely skincare products...

Bryden and I were in Boots a few weeks ago and were given some samples from the Clarins counter from their new Daily Energizers range, which in their words is 'A range of gentle yet super effective plant-based skin care products exclusively for 18 to late 20's skin'. After using the samples for a few days, I could already see the difference to my skin. My skin was a lot more balanced and redness had been reduced.

I decided to purchase the starter kit which, for £19.50, contained a full size Daily Energizer Cream and sample sizes of the Cleansing Gel and Wake Up Booster. I also bought the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator as Boots had an offer on where you got Advantage card points worth £10 when you bought two items. The sales assistant also very kindly gave me some samples of the Daily Energizer Cream-Gel (To use on my skin now while it's still oily, I'll use the normal Daily Energizer Cream when my skin starts to get drier from the Isotretinoin treatment) and some eye balm and gel.


I've never used any products from Clarins before and I'm really impressed. My skin can be quite sensitive and react badly to a lot of products, but nothing but good things has come from using this!


In addition to my new Clarins regime I've been using Murad Blemish Target Formula on any spots that have sprung up (I got this in a blemish kit from ASOS, but my skin reacted badly to the rest of the products in the kit. Hello puffy red tomato face!) and the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 to control my grease fest face during the day.

The ironic thing about starting the Isotretinoin treatment is that my skin is the best it's been in ages, in fact the dermatologist didn't even believe I had acne until I removed my make up! But, due to the scars I've ended up with in the past I don't want to run the risk of another cystic acne break out.

I know this has been a very long winded post, but I'd love to hear from anyone else that has either suffered/is suffering from cystic acne, has had the Isotretinoin treatment or has any other tips or advice. The main side effects of the Isotretinoin are extreme dryness of the skin, hair and eyes, so if anyone knows of any products that will help with this I would be extremely grateful!



  1. Baaah Claire the condition and the Vitamin A treatment sounds awful, you are so brave for having persisted with the doctors and the different suggestions, glad to hear this one is working out for you. I suffer from spots of the tiny pimply sort. I have SUCH sensitive skin, it's quite reactive (?) if that makes sense, it reddens quickly and very often, from alcohol, embarrassment, exercise or even just happiness (lolz). The best thing I rely on is that teatree oil stick to dry out the occasional big zit, and also for trying to drink so much water I explode (well not literally, but y'know). Keep at it! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. This is so helpful!

    x Camilla

  3. thanks for the tip about the clarins set, may have to give that a go! :)
    Julia @ Retro Jules