Thursday, 12 July 2012

Days out: North East Chilli Festival


On Sunday; I battled my two day hangover (Yes, that's what happens when you hit my age) and dragged myself out of bed, to attend one of the more random events I've been to- The North East Chilli Festival. I've recently become obsessed with the Newcastle based Mmm... deli which is where I first heard about the festival which was to be held for the first time at Seaton Deleval Hall.

Having never attended a 'chilli festival' before I didn't really know what to expect, but it was a really great day out. There was a good variety of stalls selling any chilli goods imaginable, the best thing being most stalls had samples to taste.

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One of my favourite stalls was Viva la Frida- selling Mexican gifts and household decorations. I loved the heart wall decals and Frida Kahlo items.

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Through the back of the hall were food stalls and vendors; selling delicious looking curries, crepes and my snack of choice- fresh, locally caught, barbequed fish wraps. HEAVEN.

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Tickets not only granted you access to the festival, but also to Seaton Deleval Hall and it's stunning grounds. It's a shame there were so many screaming kids running around everywhere!

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Obviously I went a bit nuts when it came to buying chilli related produce...

HHH mayo, RSJ chilli sauce and Tamarind Chipotle from Mr Vikki's


Chipotle dried chillies from Cool Chile Co

Chipotle Chilli paste from Trees Can't Dance (Can you tell I like Chipotle yet??)

Seaton Deleval Hall ale from Delevals

Salted caramel, wasabi & white chocolate, chocolate & chilli and strawberry & cream cupcakes from Pet Lamb Patisserie
(Check out Katie from Pet Lamb's blog here, which is one of my favourite food blogs) 

Considering this is the first year the Chilli Festival has been held, I thought the organisers had done a great job and I will definitely be going back next year.



  1. Holy crap there are too many pictures to comment about! I love them all. I love the mexican theme looking things, and the beautiful old building! Looks like a wonderful time!

    p.s. two day hangovers can happen at any age if you drink hard enough haha

    1. I had so many more pictures, but had to edit them down! It was a really great day!

  2. I have Viva la Frida pannier bags on my bike! :o)

    1. I definitely need to order some stuff from their site. I'm obsessed with the idea of having a Mexican themed kitchen!

  3. Ahh thanks for the kind words, hope you enjoyed your cupcakes :)

    I bought on of those little DOTD boxes for my fella. Thought I'd give him a scare by buying the bride and groom ;)

    Katie xoxo