Sunday, 24 March 2013

FABB Blogger Event, Leeds

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If you haven't heard of Fabb Events before this is the brain child of Ray and Tor. We've met the girls before and were very excited to hear they were holding a blogger event in Leeds.

So a couple of Saturday's ago we jumped on the train (legged it through Central Station leaving minutes to spare upon boarding the train) and set on our merry way (absolutely knackered - had to buy snacks from the train cart) to Leeds. 

We had brightened up by the time we entered Leeds and decided after having a walk round the town centre to find some where for food. We ended up going to Red's True BBQ (more on this in a later post). After stuffing our faces we wandered to the venue which was only a couple of minutes away from the restaurant.

We didn't do much networking as the room wasn't very big so it left little room to wander about. We did speak to the lovely Laura from Alter Idem though who was such a lovely lady! Brilliant style too!
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There was a couple of guest speakers from Cloud9, Best British BloggersArk Clothing, Healthpoint Ltd and Chiara Fashion (Bryden was lucky to be picked in the prize drawer and won a pair of jeans from Chiara Fashion. She has passed them onto a friend as they were too small).

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1. Cupcakes and Cake Pops. 2. Bryden's Cake Pop.
3. The girls from Ark. 4. The girls from Best British Bloggers.

On departure we were given a gift bag packed full with wonderful items which we can't wait to use!

Big thank you's to Tor and Ray. We had such a lovely time. We're looking forward to the next event. The rumour is that the next one will be right on our doorstop! Get in! We're hoping to meet a lot more people at the next one too.

Bryden and Claire xx

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