Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mobile Montage: February

 photo 6dc82ea2-e749-466a-b5ac-1c26b7ba3e9e_zpsc0ba80bc.jpg

1. Pub snacks, Spring colours
2. Late night bagel, 'Inspirational' asian snacks
3. Very early morning train ride, Pad Thai
4. Cafe 21 at Fenwick (looked nicer than it tasted), I made a sexxxy Valentine's playlist for my friend
5. A classy night at the dog racing at Byker, Pie & peas at the dogs
6. Sunday lunch, Bryden's Carbonara recipe is the BEST
7. Packing (badly) for London, A present from the candy king

 photo mosaic39b93ca80f8d5a007943bee44bbde28a256ec7fe_zpse6d9ca26.jpg

1. Dinner at Ernest, Newcastle. 
2. Temporary engagement ring until mine has been made. 
3. Swedish Breakfast.
4. Lasagne. 
5. Sleepover high pony tails. 
6. Pizza Omelette.
7. Face. 
8. Body. 
9. Fajita night.
10. Chocolate orange brownie from Desserts Delivered 
11. A random package from Viktor and Rolph (Sign up to their website and receive goodies when you put in the code from your perfume bottle!) 
12. My friend Charlotte surrounded by pizza.
13. Bacon sarnie. 
14. Ikea goodies. 
15. White cosmopolitan from Jalou, Newcastle (That's a frozen orchid inside my ice cube!).

Hope everyone had a great month!

Bryden and Claire x

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